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Contacting Jerry Jongerius
(Jongerius LLC / Duckware)

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ABOUT: Learn more about Duckware.

Web Form: Due to the ever increasing problem of spam and spam filters blocking emails, please try to first contact us via the web form that you see to the right, which sends us an email internally.

E-mail: . Some of the reply e-mail addresses in the e-mail we have received have been incorrect, and then we have no way to reach you! So please verify your reply e-mail address if you do not hear back from us.
NOTE: We have a very strict anti-spam filter in place. If you do not hear back from us, try contacting us via the web form (right), or send us an e-mail from a different e-mail account.
Phone: Please use the web form or e-mail first. 1-603-524-4000 (a Vonage phone) -- 9AM to 5PM EST (GMT-5) only.

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