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About Jongerius LLC / Duckware

Writing Bug-Free C Code
Jongerius LLC / Duckware: As of 2020, Jerry now offers Advanced Engineering Consulting Services to clients via Jongerius LLC. Duckware was started in July of 1998 by Jerry Jongerius primarily as a creative outlet for custom projects and interests. The first project was PMVR, a panoramic viewer first used on Idyll-by-the-Sea. Duckware is a privately held company.

Jerry Jongerius: Jerry is a very talented and experienced programmer and problem solver. On May 13, 2003, a patent (#6,563,529) was issued to Jerry by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the PMVR/FloorPlan technology he created. In 1995, Jerry wrote a book, Writing Bug-Free C Code for Windows, which Prentice Hall published in a series edited by P.J. Plauger. The book details a proprietary object oriented extension to C that he developed to greatly aid in the development of a large quarter million line performance management Windows application.

Registered: Jongerius LLC is registered with the state of Florida (search). Duckware is registered with the state of Florida to operate under the 'Duckware' name (search).

Trademark: Duckware and Jongerius LLC are trademarks of Jerry Jongerius.

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