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PrintEnvelopeTM 3.4a
Print Envelope Addresses Quickly


$19.95 (if you can afford it)
What is "affordware"?

  1. What is PrintEnvelope?
PrintEnvelope Manual Index
1. What is PrintEnvelope
2. Feature Summary
3. Release history
4. License Agreement
PrintEnvelope quickly prints envelope addresses

Stop manually addressesing envelopes! Use PrintEnvelope instead.

This very small but powerful application allows you to use your HP printer to address envelopes. A database of previously entered addresses is maintained for quick access the next time you print the address.


Adding Addresses: Just fill in the 'To' and 'From' information and print your envelope and the address will automatically be added into the address book (on the right side of PrintEnvelope).

Selecting Addresses: Just double-click on an address in the address book (on the right hand side of PrintEnvelope) to use an address. The address will be used as a 'To' address, unless you have clicked in 'From' prior to double-clicking on the address, in which case the address is used as a 'From' address.

TIP: Start typing word(s) of an address in 'To' or 'From' and watch the address book on the right automatically filter and show only those addresses that contain the text you have typed. Then double-click on the address in the address book on the right that you want to use. This is a great way to filter 30+ address book entries into just a couple entries before selecting the one you want to use. A great time saver.

Envelope Feed: Select '--^' to feed right (prints left). Select '-^-' to feed center (prints center). Select '^--' to feed left (prints right).

Printing: Press 'Print Envelope Now'. If a printer dialog appears after this, just press 'OK' in the printer dialog (there is no need to select envelope type, etc as PrintEnvelope will print assuming there is an envelope in the printer).

PrintEnvelope Program Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/XP/2003/2000/Me/98
  • 'Hewlett Packard' style envelope feeder printer
  • A Java 1.5 VM (automatically installed if not present)
  2. PrintEnvelope Feature Summary
  • The easiest way to address envelopes
  • Address book of previously entered addresses is maintained
  • Any envelope size is supported
  • New envelope sizes can be easily added to an 'envelopes.txt' file
  • Actively supported, professional product -- release history
  3. Release History
Version/Date    Changes made in release
3.4a - 09/17/2014  · avoid clipping TO address on some printers
3.3a - 08/29/2013  · Java 7u21 compatibility work
3.1a - 02/25/2009  · uses new jexepack
3.0c - 10/21/2007  · use new JexePack packager
3.0b - 10/09/2007  · switch over to using library code
· new installer
· Vista compatibility work
2.0b - 09/11/2007  · use new JexePack
2.0a - 11/30/2005  · Switch to run only under 1.4.2 Java VM
1.3a - 04/28/2003  · Now able to use any Java VM
1.2b - 11/27/2001  · Switch to affordware license
1.2a - 07/07/2001  · Added envelope feed specification
1.1a - 05/26/2001  · Allow point size to be specified
1.0c - 08/14/2000  · Install/Uninstall support
1.0b - 07/26/2000  · EXE is repackaged and smaller
1.0a - 06/22/2000  · first offered for sale
  4. No Nonsense License Agreement
PrintEnvelope is affordware. That means that you may try it for free to see if it works for you. If you can afford the license fee, you should purchase a license. If you find anything wrong with the software, let me know and I will try to fix the problem immediately. You assume the entire risk and liability of using this software. You may not modify the software in any way. The software may not be used on adult sites nor to display adult material. If you violate this license agreement you agree to stop using this software. If you do not agree to these license terms, do not use this software.

If you do agree to these license terms, you may purchase a license and use PrintEnvelope in a business or for personal use!
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