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License Usage Details

1. Personal/Business/Affordware/Educational Use
2. Reselling Services
3. PMVR Panorama Usage
4. Unpaid Invoices
5. Reserved right to cancel purchase
  1. Personal/Business/Affordware/Educational Use
Personal use - Use of the product is for personal (non-commercial) use that is in no way related to a business. No one obtains a monetary benefit from your use of the product. Your only benefit of using the product is your personal satisfaction. Use of the product within the context of a home-based or part-time business falls under business use.

Business use - Use of the product is in the context of a business setting (for-profit and non-profit). There does not have to be a direct monetary benefit from using the product -- just the fact that a business is using the product defines its use as business use.

Affordware use - Affordware means that if you (a business or person) can afford the product license fee, you must purchase a license. However, if you can not afford the license fee, you are allowed to use the product for free!

Non-profit and educational use - I expect these organizations to pay what they can afford according to the business use pricing. If you can afford the full business use pricing, great. If not, I expect you to tell me what you can afford (even if that is nothing), and I will accept the terms you recommend. Non-profit and educational organizations deserve a break if they need it.

  2. Reselling Services
You can resell services derived from the use of your license as per below (however, you may not resell product licenses). Reselling services is only possible within the context of a business use license.

PMVR - You may resell services based upon your business use license provided that the total number of panorams resold is less than 300 panoramas. Please contact us for a custom license if you need to resell more than a total of 300 panoramas as we offer special discounts. For example, purchasing a 300-panorama business use license allows you to create 300 panoramic images and resell them. You must obtain a custom license to produce more than 300 panoramic images for resale.

AutoRun SlideShow - With the business use license, you are free to use AutoRun SlideShow and resell services based upon your slideshow creations.
  3. PMVR Panorama Usage
The software may be used for an unlimited number of panoramas.
  4. Unpaid Invoices
Interest - Interest of 1.5% per month may be charged on any unpaid outstanding balances.
  5. Reserved right to cancel purchase
Duckware reserves the right to cancel any purchase, and refund the purchase amount, for any reason (but usually due to prior fraud and/or license violations).

These License Usage Details are subject to change.

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