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Virtual Tour HTML Templates

Template Dialog Template Tab: In the Virtual Tour Editor Properties dialog for a tour, there is a 'Template' tab, which allows you to select the HTML template that will be used when publishing your tour.

What is a Template: A template is simply an HTML file in the PMVR templates folder (in the PMVR installation folder), which has been specially designed to take input parameters from the Virtual Tour Editor and produce the final HTML document that you see. This allows you to fully customize the look and feel of your virtual tours (add your branding).

Getting Started: To get started, simply copy the example.html template file (to a new unique file name in the templates folder) and start making custom changes to the HTML file. If your HTML document needs to refer to an image, place the image into the images folder in the templates folder and just refer to the image in your HTML, like "<img src="images/image-file-name">".

When you are finished, reopen the tour Properties dialog and select your new template from the drop down list. Then publish your tour to see your new template in action!

Template Preview Image: The template preview image that you see in the Tour Properties dialog is just a JPEG image stored in the templates folder, but with ".html" change to ".jpg". In the example provided, the two files are example.html and example.jpg. The preview area has a maximum size of 300 x 250 pixels.

Variable Substituation: The variables that you can use within your HTML template file are:
Template Substitution Variables
Variable Example ValueExample Usage
$SCRIPTNAME$ script.txtvalue="$SCRIPTNAME$:init"
$TITLE$ Sample Virtual Tour<title>$TITLE$</title>
$NODELIST$ "Master",..."Pool"var nodes=new Array($NODELIST$);
$LABELLIST$ "Master Bedroom",..."Pool"var labels=new Array($LABELLIST$);
$VTEINFO$ Virtual Tour Editor 5.2aTour produced by $VTEINFO$...
$DATETIME$ Feb 1, 2006 11:49:54 AM... on $DATETIME$
The best way to understand how to use these variables in your HTML template is to review the example.html template file provided in the templates PMVR installation folder.
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