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Vonage Third Party Call Control

Aug 2013: Vonage has discontinued this feature

Vonage allows a user to remotely place phone calls! Visit for the technical details, but below is an example. To play around:
  1. Enter your Vonage online account Username/Password below
  2. Press 'Discover' to find possible 'From' phone numbers
  3. Enter the 'to' phone number you want to call
  4. Press 'Make Phone Call'
  5. Your 'From' phone number will ring (note 'caller id' is 'C2C' plus 'To' number)
  6. Answer the call
  7. The 'to' phone number is then called
Username:your Vonage online account username
Password:your Vonage online account password
From: YOU eg: 12025551212 -- Discover
To:eg: 1-700-WEATHER vonage feature
TIP: You can even set 'To' to *123 (VoiceMail)

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