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How to install 32-bit Java
(for Duckware's legacy 32-bit Java-based tools)

Duckware's legacy 32-bit Java programs (packaged into a Windows EXE using JexePack) still run on any Windows computer (even Windows 11), as long as the Windows computer has "32-bit Java" support installed.

1. Visit

2. Download and install the "Windows Offline" version of Java (as seen highlighted below). Note, do not select the "64-bit" version of Java.

Please note that a single Windows PC can have BOTH "64-bit Java" and "32-bit Java" installed at the same time -- that is OK.

3. If you experience any Java problems (Duckware's EXE's don't run), first uninstall all versions of Java and reboot your PC. Then re-install "32-bit Java" support as per the instructions above.

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