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Large Panorama Example

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5509 x 1000 (5 MP; 1.4 MB)
8815 x 1600¹ (13 MP; 3.2 MB)
16291 x 2957¹ (46 MP; 9.5 MB)
PMVR: The example below shows the PMVR panoramic viewer displaying a large panorama in a small viewer window. These panoramas were derived from this original panorama.

Zoom: Use the mouse wheel (after clicking in the viewer) to zoom into the panorama (up to 400%). Note that the panorama is much larger than the viewer window, so zooming in initially reveals more detail.

Full Screen Mode: Click on the four-sided arrow icon to go into full screen mode. (press ESC to exit). Looks especially good on 4K HD monitors!

¹ NOTE: All major desktop web browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox) work great with these large panoramas. However, most mobile (tablet/phone) platforms will 'behind the scenes' subsample a large pano into a much smaller pano (and then improperly report the large pano size to the code). This is just how mobile platforms (with limited memory) work.
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