A VERY smart smartphone keyboard 'word detection' algorithm
Prototype first implemented and demonstrated December 4, 2012 -- Java applet version -- mistyped words entered into the keyboard are automatically changed to 'correct' words
Java applets are now blocked in all web browsers. However, you can still run this smart keyboard prototype applet (if your computer has Java installed) by manually running Java's built-in Applet Viewer using this command (from a command prompt):
  java sun.applet.AppletViewer https://www.duckware.com/newkeyboard/index.html
INSTRUCTIONS: Use your mouse to enter a word on the smartphone screen below (works only if Java applet is running), intentionally missing letters. Far below, the first word in the list, is the word the algorithm thinks you intended to type (the rest are alternatives, or pending words). Press 'space' to start a new word. Press 'return' to start over.